Have you ever been totally confused by something your child told you?  Sometimes, especially when learning to talk, words don’t always get put into sentences that make complete sense.  And misunderstanding can happen, too, when you are evaluating a daycare in Fort Wayne.

That’s why taking time to ask questions and make sure you understand the answers is so important.  If you’re not sure, always ask for clarification.  Your daycare center in Fort Wayne will be glad to “say it again” to make sure you are all communicating like you should.

For example, be sure you understand the hours a center is open, and what the penalties are if you are late.  After all, once in a while, things happen that were not expected and you can’t be at the daycare in Fort Wayne at your usual time.  That means someone has to stay late to care for your child, and it makes sense that that person will have to be paid for this extra time.  Just be sure you are clear on the policy for late pick-up at the daycare center in Fort Wayne so you aren’t caught by surprise.

Another thing to be sure you understand completely is the holiday schedule at the daycare center in Fort Wayne.  Some centers may be closed on different holidays than your employer observes, leaving you in a bind if you need to be at work that day.  Make sure you get a copy of the holiday schedule for your daycare center in Fort Wayne in writing, and that you put those dates in your work schedule, too.  Having to scramble last-minute to find an alternative for your child just gets everyone’s day off to a stressful start.

Be sure to ask for clarification on the daycare in Fort Wayne’s policies on giving medication.  You want to be sure if your child is on medication for a chronic condition that his or her needs will be met.  Talk openly about any concerns you have and be sure you understand the center’s policies.

And snack time is important, so find out about the kinds of snacks your child will receive.  Also, will you be expected to bring treats on your child’s birthday?  Your daycare center in Fort Wayne may have a policy about outside food because of allergies or other issues affecting some students, so make sure you ask and don’t just assume it’s OK to bring a birthday treat.

What are the field trip opportunities at your child’s daycare in Fort Wayne?  Some centers take frequent trips and others save them for special times.  You’ll want to be sure and ask about the kinds of trips, length of trips and cost of trips.  And be sure to find out what the options are at the daycare center in Fort Wayne if you don’t want your child to go on a certain trip for whatever reason.

When you’re asking about field trips, also ask about the transportation options.  Does the daycare in Fort Wayne have its own bus or does it rent one?  If they have their own, who drives and is that person fully licensed?  Don’t be afraid to ask these kinds of questions of your daycare center in Fort Wayne; they should be glad to know you are concerned, and will provide answers for you.

Are naps or quiet times required at the daycare center in Fort Wayne?  If your child has outgrown his or her nap, what are the alternatives?  Or, if he or she still enjoys a longer nap, can that be accommodated?  What is the sleeping area like at the daycare in Fort Wayne?  

These are a lot of things to ask about, but you want to be sure you understand everything about the daycare center in Fort Wayne that you choose.  After all, your child is precious to you, and you want your daycare center in Fort Wayne to care about him or her, too.  We love children at the Carepointe Academy, and we look forward to showing you our very kid-friendly center!