You can be confident when you select Carepointe Academy to care for your precious baby. We consider Carepointe Academy an extension of your home, and are committed to make this first transition easy for both you and your baby.

In our calm and secure environment, our teachers will spend time rocking, cuddling, and talking to your baby. Through thoughtful efforts, teachers will turn carefree routines into teachable moments. We know that your baby has a great capacity for learning. Our caring teachers will make reading to, talking to, and singing to your baby a priority in order to encourage language development.

As your baby grows, he/she will be encouraged to meet the next developmental milestone. Each baby completes these milestones at different times, but our teachers at Carepointe are working with you and your baby to help your baby grow and achieve each milestone in his/her development.

Partnering With You

We know that your child is unique and take pride in our partnership with you as a parent. We want to work together with you to make sure, each day, your child is being cared for just how you would desire. Your child’s feeding routine will be maintained during his/her time at Carepointe.


When you pick your child up, you will be given a daily information sheet about your child’s day. We want you to be informed, and encourage you to call or come in and check on your baby at any time throughout the day.


At Carepointe Academy, your baby will by placed on their back to sleep. We practice “Infant Safe Sleep Policy”. This policy is designed for the safety of your infant.


Your child’s world is exciting now that he/she is walking. In this rapid period of development, your child is exploring the world through manipulating, moving and touching. Your toddler is becoming more independent. As your child accomplishes new tasks, he/she will become more and more confident as well. Our program is designed to be fun and challenging for your toddler. Your child’s curiosity for learning will blossom in our character based curriculum. Your child will experience sensory activities, joyful music and movement adventures with lots of active play both indoor and outdoor (as weather permits.)

As your child’s language is emerging, we will encourage your toddler to use language as he/she is able, and make communicating with him/her an important part of each day. Your toddler will learn to socialize with other children in playtime as well as structured group activities (circle time). This structured time of learning includes songs, stories, and movement activities.

Partnering With You

We know that your child is unique and has his/her own individual pace for potty training. Our teachers work together with you as parents to provide the best environment for success.