Preschool age is an exciting time for your child. At Carepointe Academy, your child will thrive in our Character based curriculum. Your preschooler is becoming more confident and is ready for new challenges and adventures. Our program for early learners will enhance your child’s confidence by providing activities to help your child develop a love for learning and develop social skills to help foster healthy relationships in the future.

Your child will be provided times of independent exploration and structured activities. Through hands-on-activities and group circle time, your child will develop skills and knowledge in areas like: early literacy, mathematics, science, fine arts and music.

Our strong faith based curriculum will provide your child with a great academic start as well as teaching biblical values and God’s love for him/her.Your child’s day is scheduled with plenty of potty breaks, snack times, a naptime after lunch and recreational time indoor/outdoor (as weather permits).


Carepointe Academy takes preparing your child for kindergarten very seriously. Your child will enjoy learning as his/her day is filled with a variety of activities including literacy, art, music, math, science, social interaction, and health and wellness. 

Your child will be ready to excel in Kindergarten as he/she completes our Pre-academic early learning program. Your child will be exposed to a diverse array of learning activities, problem solving activities and fun times. We strive to teach your child in a fun environment. Your child will have both structured and free choice activities. There is snack times, lunch, restroom breaks, naptime, and indoor/outdoor playtime (as weather permits) all built into your child’s day.