School Age Care

With our three locations, we are located by many school districts. Carepointe is an excellent location for before and after school care. Instead of dropping off your children all over town, you can bring them to Carepointe in the morning and our staff will ensure a secure transfer to your child’s school bus or provide transportation to your child’s school if bus transport is not available. After school, your child can ride the bus or our staff can provide a secure transfer from their school to Carepointe Academy. Our before and after school care allows you the convenience of a one-stop solution to childcare for your family.

Carepointe’s Faith based environment is a great place for your child to feel secure. When your child arrives after school, our teachers encourage your child to get his/her homework and reading done. Homework tutoring is available. The day ends with a solid recreational activity program. With homework complete, you can pick your child up and enjoy your evening with your family.

School Age Full Time - E-Learning 

Available this fall at our Southwest location on Bass Rd. we are offering a full time option for school agers 5 years old - 12 years old.  We will have a classroom for your school age students where they can practice social distancing while they are completing their E-Learning each day.  Each child will be temperature checked at minimum twice a day and have hand sanitizer stations set up in their classroom.  Wifi will be provided along with power strip chords so that students can safely charge their E-Learning devices while they are getting their work done.  Our staff will ensure that your students have a quiet, safe and clean environment to learn, grow and complete their school work each day! Each day as students finish their E-Learning our Carepointe teacher will provide educational, engaging and exciting activities for your students to take part in! We will work hard to help your kids finish their E-Learning every day so when they come home the only thing you will have to think about is the best way to fun with your kids! Call or email us now: to enroll your school age students full time!

Summer Day Camp

Don’t miss out on our Summer Day Camp. Your child will have a daily field trip (as weather permits).One and two week sports camps are also available for your sports loving child including basketball, volleyball, baseball and soccer. This is a very popular program. Your kids will have a blast!