Carepointe:  A Great Choice for Your Child

Our educational approach is consistent with the best practices recommended by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), Head Start Performance Standards, and other guidelines for developmentally based programs. However, Carepointe has unique features that differentiate it from other early childhood programs


One such feature is the daily plan-do-review sequence. Research shows that planning and reviewing are the two components of the program day most positively and significantly associated with children’s scores on measures of developmental progress.

Character Development

A second unique feature is our emphasis on character development.  We believe that it is important for children to have a biblical foundation for their character development and we integrate proven principles from the Scriptures in our teaching.

Optimal Growth Framework

A third unique feature is Carepointe’s curriculum content: the social, intellectual, spiritual, and physical building blocks that establish the essential framework for your preschooler’s optimal growth. Our content areas are organized in five main categories that correspond to state and national learning standards; the five categories are:

(1) Approaches to learning
(2) Language, literacy, and communication
(3) Social, spiritual and emotional development
(4) Physical development, health, and well-being
(5) Arts and sciences